Quote of the day

"Just remember that you are absolutely unique, just like everyone else."

-Margaret Mead

Monday, May 2, 2016

Sub plans

Period 1 and 8 ela. Class 202 Work on 1st 2 pages of life of pi. Answer questions using RACE. Annotate

Period 2 and 6 class 201 research about the stock market crash. Why did it happen? Also jot down facts about it

Period 4 202 history same as period 2 and 6

Monday, April 18, 2016


Period 1 - Class 202 Code-X page 77 complete all 5 sections

Period 2 Prep

Period 3 - Class 202 US History work on Roaring 20's task. Choose 3 from the list. Its posted on Google classroom

Period 4 - Class 201 US History work on Roaring 20's task. Choose 3 from the list. Its posted on Google classroom

Period 5 - Class 202 Code-X page 78 define all the vocabulary words. Use each one in a sentence. Then use all of them together in a paragraph/story

Period 6 - lunch

Period 7 - LD

Period 8 - Advisory with Mr. Schys class

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sub plans March 8th

Period 1 and 5 202 work on page 65-66 on Keesh. Answer questions using RACE, annotate, and add key events to your rising action in your notebook

Period 3 research about the Panama Canal.  Why did we build it? How did we build it? What problems did they face?

Period 4 history Continue researching yesterday's assignment. Either research a different topic or build off of your research from 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sub plans jan. 26th

Period 1: ELA add explanation of evidence for mendoza and MOOC to organizer on left side column next to were you wrote in evidence. Complete this for bodies 1-3


Period 3 history work on outline pages 644 -648 answer questions

Period 4 research Upton sinclair, Ida tarbell, and Lincoln Stevens on there crusading muck racket journalism
Research who they were personally,  their lives,  their muck racking crusade and the change (reform) that came about because of their crusade

Period 5 ELA once done adding explanation of evidence. Use yellow draft paper and write out your essay into paragraph form. Skip lines and write in pencil

Period 6 lunch

Period 7 lunch duty

Period 8 advisory with mr. Schy in his room

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January 6th

1st period. Students will break up into reading groups. They know their Wednesday groups. Students will assign roles. Connector, predictor, inference, questions, context clues. Have students summarize what has happened. Talking Points teddy and his revenge, officer diaz, micah, family of teddy. Start on chapter 10 use audio on desktop labeled homeboy for them to listen to. Students know how to set up reading groups ask them to assist.

2nd period literacy meeting

3rd period history have students revise and edit projects one last day. If finished students can begin to share their immigrant projects with neighbors at their desks.

Period 4 prep

Period 5 history same type of class as 3rd period. Edit and revise projects then share with neighbors your immigrant story

Period 6 lunch

Period 7 lunch duty

Period 8 reading DEAR time