Friday, October 24, 2014

Weekend Warriors.. Brooklyn Bridge Permission Slips



  • Read and Respond 25 min. Strategy 2 inferences.
  • Code-X page 26. Read and annotate each paragraph. Answer q. 9-11
U.S. History:
  • Make a list of the living conditions in your house, neighborhood, and city. Then compare and contrast how your living conditions are the same and different from the people during the Industrial Rev.

U.S. History:
  • Create a visual representation of the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Include in your representation a summary of the intro article and the Frank Harris Primary source. Also include 3 fun facts about the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge with Twin Towers in background

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wed. HW


  • Reading Response 25 min. Strategy 2 inferences

U.S. History:
  • Read Squalid article and annotate each paragraph.

U.S. History:
  • Finish annotating the article on the making of the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Respond top the following question
    • Do you think that the lives of people is worth the growth and progress of society? Like in the making of the Brooklyn Bridge. Explain.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tuesday HW. Bring High school directories for 8th period

My logo...


  • Code-X unit 1 MOOC. Finish annotating each sentence on page 24 and 25. 
  • Answer questions 3-7. Use R.A.C. to answer them.
U.S. History:
  • Complete your Cause poster make sure to include the following.
    • Cause
    • Slogan
    • 3 things you want to fix or 3 problems you want to solve.
    • Logo
    • Colored
    • Name on back

Friday, October 17, 2014

Weekend HW Brooklyn Bridge slips...



  • Independent Reading 25 min. Response format. Strategy 2 inferences.
    • Remember its taking an educated guess about what is happening in that moment that the book doesn't explain
    • In your response first write down the part that you are talking about
  • Code-X vocabulary sentences and vocab story using sensory details
  • Sensory detail paragraph of an important moment in your life
    • each sentence should have a sensory detail.
    • re-write on loose-leaf paper
U.S. History:
  • Complete guided questions about the Haymarket Square Affair
Guided Questions...
1.What were the conditions the protestors were protesting for? (P 2-4)
2. Why were Albert and Lucy Parsons important to the cause? (P 5-7)
3. Summarize what happened during the Haymarket Square meeting. (P. 8)
4. How did the government respond to the bombings the next day? (P. 9)
5.How were the "Haymarket Eight" treated unfairly? (P 10)
6.What rights were taken away from the protestors? (P.11)
7.Why does the author state that we're still feeling the consequences of this event today?


U.S. History:

  • Complete the reflection about life in 2014
    • Explain how people transport around
    • How people spend their free time
    • How your neighborhood and city look (buildings, stores, streets, apartments)
    • The type of people you see everyday walking around

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thursday Assignment, Brooklyn Bridge Permission Slips



  • Complete your vocabulary assignment
    • Organizer page 22
    • 6 sentences for each vocabulary word
    • A story using all 6 vocabulary words and add sensory detail.
  • Complete sensory detail paragraph on an important part to your life re-write on loose-leaf paper.

U.S. History:
  • Complete compare and contrast chart on living conditions during the Ind. Rev. compared to our lives today.